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["Hi." "Hey."]

Coming back from the bar, Red is in a much better mood than when he left.

An agent comes up and tells him they've made contact with the Peru team, but Red waves him off, already knowing now that Liz is safe.

Heading back to the vault, Red's surprised at the scene that greets him.

The orange cat he rescued earlier is up and about, and... serenading Rita Hayworth?

On bent knee, the tabby has the fluffy silver Persian's paw, and is crooning in... Spanish?

Rita is less than impressed, and when she takes her paw and wanders off the orange cat turns to the next nearest feline (a black and white cat named Ms. Hepburn) and begins singing to her.

The rest of the cats all look on and Red is at a rare loss.

Not knowing what else to do, he coughs into his stone fist.

Dozens of eyes turn his way, and a crowd of cats runs up to greet him.

The orange tabby leaps up and whirls to face Red.

"You're awake," Red comments, looking down at the cat.

"Yes, I am feeling much better," the cat nods, sheepish smile in place.

Red eyes him as Rita Hayworth rubs herself against Red's leg.

"What were you doing?"

The cat glances around, guilty for a moment, and then suddenly he looks up at Red, and the cat's eyes go wide and imploring, his whiskers droop, and his paws come up; making him look like the most innocent and pitiful creature in the world.

"Please, seƱor," the cat says, and Red can hear his purr, "I must thank you for saving my life."

Red feels his heart melt, and that protective suspicion he had going evaporates.

"I uh-- sure. It's what I do."

"You are a brave soul," the cat replies, looking up at Red with an impressed and grateful gaze. "And I, Puss in Boots, pledge that I will-- "

Red blinks and interrupts.

"You're Puss in Boots?"

The cat nods, and suddenly straightens up, losing the cute look and adopting a rakish grin.

"Ah, yes, you have heard of me?"

"Of course I have. Who hasn't?" Really. Red loved that story.

Puss puffs up with pride, but it deflates a touch a moment later.

"I wish that I could prove myself to you, but I seem to have lost my affects."

"You're what-- oh!"

Turning back to the vault door, Red sticks his head out and bellows, "MYERS!"

As it so happens, the agent is already just outside and winces against the hollering.

"Right here, Red. I've got your-- "

Stepping into the vault, Myers holds up a small bag of dry cleaning, which Red snatches.

"Gimme that."

Myers lets it go with a slight look of disapproval, then holds out the boots in his other hand.

"I got the cape and the hat cleaned, but I'm not spit-polishing these tiny boots, Red, I-- "

"My boots!" Puss reaches up and grabs his footwear, and Myers's jaw hits the ground.

Passing over the other articles to Puss, Red turns to Myers and starts pushing the man back out of his room.

"You're done here, Myers."

Myers blinks, and finds his tongue.

"That-- that-- but, that-- I-- cat-- "

"Yeah, yeah, c-a-t, that spells 'cat', get out." Shoving Myers back out into the hall, Red pulls the door closed and dusts his hands.

Turning around, Red positively beams at the fully dressed cat standing there.

Puss looks himself over and nods, then looks back to Red.

"My sword?" the cat asks hopefully.

Red retrieves the blade from where he set it on a shelf.

The cat dons the belt, and draws the sword.

"An' now you see me as, Puss in Boots."

Red grins. Best. Day. Ever.

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