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bprd_agent_red ([personal profile] bprd_agent_red) wrote2012-10-23 03:19 pm

Slenderman - The Building By the Lake

He hasn't slept for days.

He hasn't seen Liz in a week, maybe longer (maybe not so long as that), time is screwed up, along with everything else and he can't seem to keep his head on straight.

He's hearing things, seeing things, and he's so scared right now it's making him Mad.

There's nothing to fight, no one to hit or overpower. There's nothing real that he can get his hands on and punish for making him afraid. There's only the constant cold and coughing, the things in the shadows that make him jump and cringe, that unsettling feeling of always being watched.

When he heard about the building that appeared by the lake he knew he'd find whatever it was out there.

He's spent hours (days?) skulking around the grounds, skirting the woods and giving a wide berth to the ruin on the lake shore. Afraid to go in, unable to stay away.

Whispered thoughts stir around in his head, telling him to go in, telling him to run away, taunting him for being afraid, bolstering him to charge in.

He can do this, he can't.
He's not afraid, he's terrified.
Stay, run.


Stone grinding against stone, Red clenches his right fist, holding it close to his chest as he wades through the overgrowth and into the building.

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