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It was dark, and cold, and he was lost... so lost. And then--

It's over, the battle won. The abandoned building is gone, along with the influence of its maker.

He'd been lying in the rubble he'd fallen with, half buried in stone and splintered wood. Now he's laying on his side by the lake shore in a patch of rushes, his legs in the water, his eyes closed.

He still has the horns of Anung Un Rama, but the crown of fire is gone, and his stone hand is cold now, no longer glowing with fire from within.
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One minute, Liz was taking the first few steps toward the looming dark hospital, the guy she'd helped out of the building sitting on a rock at her back -- and the next, it was gone.

She blinks.

No, it's definitely gone, and the fog has lifted, and there are suddenly people (including some familiar faces; ones she's relieved to see) all along the lake shore, each one looking more bewildered than the next.

The wave of relief is enormous, even if she is just as confused as everyone else seems to be. People are shouting to each other now, and Liz starts toward the nearest pair -- and then, just beyond them, spots a still figure, half in the water.

She freezes for a split second, feeling like her whole body has locked up, and then she runs.

On her knees at his side, she sets her good shoulder against his and shoves to roll him over onto his back. "Red," she says, sharp, leaning over him. She touches his cheek, then checks his pulse with three fingers -- and shuts her eyes for a second, with a shaky exhale.

"Hey," she says, and she taps his cheek; "come on, Red--"
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She sinks back onto her feet with the full force of the relief that crashes through her. He's awake. He knows her.

"Hi," she murmurs, soft and choked, and she rests her hand gently on the side of his face, thumb stroking above a cut on his cheek. "You're okay. I've got you."
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She's shaking her head before he even finishes asking. "Not right now," she says tightly, touching her thumb and forefinger to his chin. "We'll figure it out later; I promise. Can you sit up?"
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She's got a death grip on his shoulder, leaning over him; she sinks down into a crouch beside him. "Okay," she says breathlessly, her throat tight, "that's okay; we'll sit here for a minute, til you feel better.

"Think you can make it inside if you lean on me?"
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"--Don't!" She lunges and grabs his hand, pulling it away. She sags back onto her heels again. "I don't know; I don't know if we should touch them."
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Liz slides under the crook of his elbow and slings her right arm around his back, raising her left hand and pressing it against his chest. It's not particularly graceful or sure-footed, but between the two of them, they shove Red up on his feet. He's clearly standing under his own power as much as he can but he's leaning heavily on her, and Liz shuts her eyes and clenches her jaw against the stab in her shoulder, and she pushes back against his weight.

They sway and she adjusts her stance and grabs a tighter grip on what's left of the back of his shirt. "Okay?" she asks, tense.
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Their slow, unsteady trudge toward the bar gives Liz plenty of time to think about where they're going (I'm ready to go home, he'd said), as much as she really just wants to focus on left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot.

When they've almost reached the back door, she says, "Just a little farther, okay? The infirmary's close."
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Liz half-smiles at the crack, quick and not entirely mirthful, and says, "Later," as they drag through the bar and into the back hallway.