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bprd_agent_red ([personal profile] bprd_agent_red) wrote2012-11-02 09:47 am
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Milliways - Room 4204

Spending a night and day in the infirmary, Hellboy was over the sterile environment, too small bed, and antiseptic smells of the hospital room, and well enough to make the trip upstairs to the room he and Liz share, and so they went up and settled in there for rest and recovery.

Mostly rest.

After making it to the cluttered room and sprawling out on the over-sized mattress, Red closed his eyes and slept on through the next day. Stirring rarely, sometimes moving or mumbling, but otherwise dead to the world.

Now, as evening breaks into night and Liz dozes, Red's side of the bed is empty.

The door to the bathroom is cracked, and from inside comes the hushed sounds of steady sawing.

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