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A deserted gas station in the middle of no where West Virginia. Agent Myers was standing outside leaning against a black SUV that screamed government vehicle. This far from base the garbage truck just wasn't really that practical.

He paced a little nervously, watching the building and waiting for some sign from inside. There was a shot and he jumped, about to run in when the door swung open. A set of bells jingled on the handle and Hellboy stepped out dragging a strange body behind him.

"Hey Myers you got any cash on you?" Red asked as he dropped the body infront of the agent.

Dumbly Myers pulled out his wallet and held up a few bills, staring at the Mothman at his feet. "Money? Yeah, yeah I do. Why?"

Hellboy deftly snatched the bills from the man's hand and headed for the car. "I got a tab in there needs payin." He jerked a thumb back over his shoulder at the gas station and got climbed into the back of the car.

Myers stared after him then back at the dilapidated building. "What?"