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The lake had been quiet for years, small incidents and sightings were reported but nothing extraordinary. Ripples in the water, splashes in the dark and shadows moving far below the surface of the water, all events that could be explained away as common occurances and none falling under the catagory of dangerous that would require intervention. 

Then the first swimmer disappeared. 

Authorities dragged the lake bottom but the body of the Edmonton vacationer was never recovered. A week later another swimmer vanished and heads started to turn. When a fisherman was yanked off a pier in front of dozens of witnesses by whatever he'd hooked and was then swallowed by the lake word was sent to the bureau. 

The Ogopogo was designated a major threat and Hellboy was dispatched. 


The small boat had been trolling the lake for three hours and hadn't picked up a single sonar blip bigger then a trout. Hellboy had finished all the sandwiches that had been packed and crushed the last Red Bull can in his stone fist as the boat made a slow turn near the shoreline, prepared to make another lap over the lake. 

"This bites." Red grunted, peering over the edge of the boat. "Where the heck is this thing? That's what I hate about fishin, it always takes so damn long and half the time you don't even get a bite." 

He walked to the back of the boat and stood beside one of the boat's crew who had been assigned the task of chumming the water. The man was scooping ladle fulls of blood, guts and fish bits from an oversized bucket and carefully dropping it out into the water. It was a monotonous task and the man looked as bored as Hellboy felt. The bucket was still mostly full and Red saw that there were three more still waiting to be opened and ladled off the edge of the boat. 

"Screw this." Red grunted and grabbed the chum bucket away from the man. He hefted it up and spilled all its contents overboard. Tossing the empty container back into the boat he then bent and pried the lids off the others and dumped them as well. 

"Stop the boat." He commanded and after hesitating only a moment the ship's Captain complied and cut the engines. 

With out the drone of the motor and the splash of thier wake the lake grew still and silent. Bureau agents and crew members who had been bored out of thier minds just moments before now stood around tense, excitement and fear growing as they waited. 

Hellboy stood at the railing, watching the water and waiting for something to show. The chum was at first stark against the water, bobbing on the waves and spreading along the sides of the boat. Then the stew began to sink and dissolve in the water and finally, it was gone.  

Red waited. And waited. And finally called it quits. 

"Let's get out of here." He threw up a hand to wave the Captain to start the boat again and turned his back on the railing and walked away. 

After a few moments the Captain stuck his head out the cabin window and shouted, "She's not starting up!" 

With an exhasperated sigh Hellboy shook his head. "Great. Fricken great. I hate stinkin...fishin..." He trailed off when he saw one of the crewmen gaping at him in fear. No, not at him. Behind him. 

Hellboy looked over his shoulder, and then up and turned around to see the snarling face of a creature glaring down right at him. The head was connected to a serpentine neck that just kept rising and rising up out of the water. The beast let out a low gutteral growl and a hiss and reared back, preparing for a lunge. 

Hellboy's shoulders sagged and he clenched his stone fist, "Aw, crap."